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Reed Farms at Comanche, Texas has been in the farming and ranching business for over 58 years.  With retirement we wanted something that we could do together and that would be profitable.  After much research we decided to start a Royal White® Hair Sheep flock.  
Royal White® Hair Sheep were purchased from Bill Hoag's foundation stock in the following years: 

  • 2001 – 3 rams, 10 ewes, 13 ewes, 10 ewes
  • 2003 – 5 rams, 5 ewes, 2 rams
  • 2004 – 2 rams, 10 ewes
  • 2005 – 2 rams, 1 ram , 24 ewes, 2 rams
  • 2006 – 4 rams, 10 ewes
  • 2007 – 2 rams
  • 2012 - 2 rams

Through reproduction and with the purchase of additional animals to increase the genetic pool the flock continues to grow rapidly.
Our first 5 years were spent selecting breed characteristics for flock enhancement and we continue this practice as part of our flock management.  We have also improved management through monitoring stocking rates, heard health, predator control and record keeping. We are members of the Royal White® Sheep Association, North American Hair Sheep Association, Texas Farm Bureau and work closely with Texas Agriculture Extension Service.  Continuing education keeps us abreast of the latest management improvements regarding farming, ranching and sheep. 

Flocks in Comanche were certified by Royal White LLC in 2007.

Our participation in National and Area shows include:

  • The 2005 North American Hair Sheep Symposium which included a booth and a live display pen of Royal White® Sheep
  • The 2006 Swisher Co. Jr. Livestock Show – show lambs in hair sheep class
  • The 2006 Texoma Farm Show included a display booth with presentation
  • The 2006 Amarillo Farm Show
  • The 2007 Swisher Co. Jr. Livestock Show – show lambs in hair sheep class
  • The 2008 Texoma Farm Show included booth with presentation
  • The 2008 Fort Worth Livestock Show - show lamb in hair sheep class
  • The 2009 Witchia County Junior Livestock Show




Henrietta and Cordell


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